Talk to an attorney first before committing yourself to an agent or lender.

Call us to schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss:

  • realtor commissions,

  • lender origination fees,

  • closing attorney fees, and

  • other ways to save money on closing costs.

We work with local real estate agents and lenders regularly, so we can provide invaluable advice on selecting a lender or realtor to serve your individual needs.

Demand your Preferred Closing Attorney

South Carolina is an "attorney preference" state, which means that you select your own closing attorney, and no one can force you to use any particular attorney. Your lender and realtor must honor your preference.

South Carolina real estate closings can be conducted only under the supervision of a licensed South Carolina attorney. Lenders, realtors, notaries, paralegals, and other non-lawyers cannot close real estate transactions without the involvement of an attorney.

Call us for a Free Price Quote for Closings

We charge one total fee for title search and closing. Other offices commonly charge a "closing fee" plus additional fees such as "attorney fee," "attorney review fee," "abstract fee," "title search fee," "notary fee," "funding fee," "closing coordination fee," "document preparation fee," "document review fee," "settlement fee," etc.

These additional fees will be disclosed on the settlement statement you sign at closing, but they may not be disclosed beforehand unless you ask. Be sure you understand exactly what fee is being quoted to you when you call an attorney's office.

Our fee does not include title insurance premiums or fees, which may not be required for all loans. Premiums for title insurance policies are based on the exact loan amount or purchase price and are supervised by the Department of Insurance.

The only additional fees and charges that may apply to your closing are based on specific closing or lender requirements.

  • If we are required to send mortgage or other lien payoffs by courier or express mail, then there will be additional charges for such services based on the provider's charges

  • If your lender requires:

    • title insurance, then there is a $25.00 fee for issuing a title commitment;

    • a closing protection or insured closing letter, then there is a $25.00 fee for issuing the letter;

    • printing of a closing package of more than twenty (20) pages, then there is an additional $20.00 fee for printing the closing package; or

    • return of original signed closing documents overnight, then there will be an additional charge for express mail that is based on the provider's charges.

Sale and Purchase Closings


If you are borrowing money to purchase a home or real estate, then your lender will require a title search and will ask which attorney you prefer to use.

Your costs for these services are not regulated, and your choice of attorney and lender will affect the total amount of your closing costs. Call us for a free price quote to make sure you are getting the best deal and to know in advance what your costs will be.


If you pay cash to purchase a home or real estate, then you are not required to have a title search performed. However, you are taking a great risk if you buy real estate without a title search. We never advise a client to purchase real estate without a title search.

We offer reasonable closing fees and expedited closing schedules for cash closings, and our title certificates are backed up by more than 35 years of experience with title searches and examinations.


A bond-for-title, also known as a "contract for deed," "installment land contract," or "rent-to-own contract," is an alternative to traditional financing. The seller finances the purchase, and the buyer agrees to pay the purchase price in monthly installments. The buyer takes possession of the property, and the seller retains legal title until the buyer fulfills the contract and makes all installment payments.

Refinance and Home Equity Line of Credit ("HELOC")

A title search and loan closing are still required for refinances and home equity lines of credit even though these closings do not involve a sale and purchase.

Are you considering a refinance or home equity line of credit? Contact Ingram Law Firm for competitive closing prices. If your lender is crediting or paying a certain amount of closing costs, then you may not need to pay any closing costs out-of-pocket.

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