The staff at Ingram Law Firm is knowledgeable about our practice areas and can answer most of your questions quickly and easily. However, our staff members are not attorneys; therefore, they cannot and will not give you legal advice.

Please request a consultation with an attorney if you need legal advice.


Robin Allison

Real Estate

Robin has more than 20 years experience working with real estate transactions and closings and communicating with our real estate clients, with realtors, and with lenders. Robin has a reputation for preparing closings in a friendly and efficient manner.

Please call our office and ask for Robin if you want a no-obligation price quote for a loan closing or real estate transaction.

Susan Robertson


Susan has more than five years experience working with our bankruptcy clients and communicating with the Bankruptcy Court and Trustees.

Please call our office and ask for Susan if you have a question about your bankruptcy case. If Susan can't answer your question she will get an answer for you quickly from one of our attorneys.

Nakia Burr


In addition to performing administrative tasks at our office, Nakia has been answering the phones and working our front office since 2016. She is experienced and can answer most questions quickly and easily.

Please call our office and speak to Nakia to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys.